NetCloud Manager provides cloud-based control of your LTE and 5G Wireless WAN

NetCloud Manager allows you to accomplish more, faster, and with fewer resources. It’s an intuitive, easy-to-use cloud management and orchestration platform designed for lean IT teams with the tools to simplify the configuration, deployment, operation, and troubleshooting of far-flung Wireless WANs.

With browser and mobile application access, NetCloud Manager enables effective management — from anywhere!

Real-time visibility and control at your fingertips through a single pane of glass

Accelerate time to service

Enable LTE and 5G WAN connectivity across tens of thousands of sites, vehicles, or IoT devices effortlessly. Deploy configuration changes, security policies, modem firmware updates, and edge compute orchestration in just a few clicks.

Reduce costs

When lean IT is crucial, send fewer IT staff to remote sites — and less often — with remote monitoring and management capabilities. Prevent data overages through cellular data usage monitoring, alerts, and control.

Gain valuable insights

Track wired and wireless LAN and WAN health through dashboards, live stat views, and reports. Monitor both network and security events from a single pane of glass.

Enhance quality of experience

Track the quality of experience of your applications, using SD-WAN policies to direct high-priority applications to the best-performing WAN connections.

NetCloud Manager Regions provides regional hosting in the Americas, Europe, and Australia

Optimize your Wireless WAN with robust cloud-based management

Application monitoring and control

Troubleshooting and diagnostic tools

Bulk configuration / firmware updates

Third-party integrations, toolkits, and edge compute

Unlimited User Comprehensive dashboards and reports

Extensibility and Integration

Extend and integrate your solution through Cradlepoint software services. Developers can add differentiation, value, and specific behaviors that securely run on endpoints or in the cloud using the NetCloud Container Orchestrator, NetCloud Edge Containers, or NetCloud API and SDK tools. A community is also available for sharing knowledge and collaborating with other developers.