As Out of Band Management (OOBM) starts to fall short of today’s network requirements and technologies, InTouch enters the picture. Instead of building separate networks or adding circuits dedicated to OOBM, InTouch integrates everything onto one platform for seamless connectivity. 

Use just one login to gain access to all remote devices behind your router – IP devices, remote desktops, remote protocols for servers, and more.

Anything, Anywhere

nTouch is an easy way to reach any device that you need to view, configure, or troubleshoot

No Setup Required

InTouch eliminates the need for Engineers, VPNs, Servers, or extra software typically
needed to manage your devices.

No Security Compromises

InTouch never requires Public IPs, inbound access through firewalls, or any other security compromises to get your job done.

Optimize your Wireless WAN with robust cloud-based management

Energy, Oil & Gas

Retail, Restaurant & Kiosk

Fleet & Transportation

Security & Surveillance

Enterprise & SME

Broadcast & Media

VoIP Providers

Configure InTouch

InTouch Activation Method and Profile Setting